The studio was founded by Keren Pozner and Shmulik Bilgoray in the year 2000.

“Bilgoray-Pozner” is a leading retail design studio with over 2000 stores planned for more than a 100 brands; ranging from international brands such as Armani exchange, H&M, iqos, Tommy Hilfiger to local leading Israeli brands such as Renuar, twentyfourseven, April, Hoodies, Crazy Line, Laka, Marcha Ballerina and more.

The design process

The design process for a retail brand is based on two elements:

The emotional aspect that includes analyzing the brands’ values and designing an aesthetic experience that maintains the brand uniqueness in a competitive environment

The second is the rational aspect that examines the physical space, analyzes its retail qualities and uses them to maximize the space and best serve the brand, maintain a good customer flow, extenuate its presence, and deliver a practical plan that will produce an enhanced retail experience and better store profitability. 


Planning a successful retail space is not trivial and requires vast knowledge and years of experience, resources that “Bilgoray-Pozner“ have in abundance.

The studio

The studio is known for its high level of 3d modeling and super realistic renders, contributing to a better level of communication with the client during the planning and design process.

The studio is also  specializes in generative computational design which gives it a substantial edge in anything related to contemporary, unique and complex design as can be seen in these projects:

  • iqos flag ship store in Dizengof center Tel Aviv
  • Renuar brand stores
  • April brand stores
  • Hangar store in Hedera

Ot Haitzuv Award 2016

Retail design category for the RENUAR fashion store in Ayalon mall

Ot Haitzuv Award 2007

Retail design category for the HANGAR apparel store in Rishon Le Zion


Keren Pozner hold a bachelor design degree from the college of management


Shmulik Bilgoray holds a bachelor design degree from the college of management and a Master of degree in Design Entrepreneurship and Management from the college of management